Our Vision

City of Hope is an independent research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Our first location – in the City of Duarte and neighboring Irwindale – continues to serve as our cornerstone campus. 

As we move into our second century, we are seeking to create a more advanced and cohesive campus environment to extend our local and global leadership in research and patient care.


Extending Our Leadership

The City of Hope Campus Plan is a proposal that calls for a wide range of enhancements to meet our evolving needs, including modernized inpatient, outpatient and research areas, as well as improved circulation, new office space, additional parking and overnight lodging to accommodate patients’ families. The Campus Plan will also improve the patient and visitor experience by creating a more convenient, compact and walkable campus, while at the same time creating new jobs, increasing local investment, and stimulating economic activity.

The Campus Plan calls for new buildings and facilities within the current boundaries of City of Hope's approximately 110-acre property. The majority of anticipated development would take place within the central core of our campus, away from neighbors, where we also plan to replace some obsolete or outdated facilities. If approved by local decision-makers, the full buildout of the Campus Plan will enable City of Hope's existing building area to increase from approximately 1.6 million square feet to a maximum of approximately 2.6 million square feet – a net increase of approximately 1 million square feet.

The Campus Plan anticipates a gradual modernization to be carried out in multiple phases over 20 years, giving us the flexibility to respond to changing demands in medical research and patient service. Overall, we believe the Campus Plan will enable us to continue fulfilling our mission and meet our commitment to transform the future of medicine. Additional details on the Campus Plan will become available as the review process moves forward with the Cities of Duarte and Irwindale.

Strengthening Community Ties

The Campus Plan is also designed to strengthen the relationship between City of Hope and community residents, and to build upon the many local partnerships that have become a hallmark of our work. This includes a commitment to maintaining our campus as a unique hub of civic and community activity. Our assembly and open space areas will continue to be used for public functions, and the plan includes the preservation of our historic gardens, the Cooper Auditorium, Visitor Center, the Arthur & Rosalie Kaplan Family Pavilion, and the historic La Kretz House of Hope. 

The Campus Plan is designed to consolidate our core operations toward the center of our campus, away from neighbors. Lush landscape buffers will be planted between campus and residences along our western border, providing additional privacy for neighbors and creating a permanent setback from campus uses. 

Investing in City of Hope’s campus will also generate significant economic benefits in the form of additional jobs, many of them in the high-paying fields of medicine, technology and medical research and development. Construction activities will also create a large number of jobs. Plus, our location near bus lines and the upcoming Gold Line Metro station means that many workers and visitors will be able to travel to our campus without relying on a car.

Our proposed Campus Plan will undergo a comprehensive environmental and administrative review, and will require approval from the City of Duarte and the City of Irwindale. The review process is being led by the City of Duarte, and is designed to be transparent, open and inclusive. Our News & Information page will be updated with information about public community meetings, City hearings, and other events during the public approval process.